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Let the House of God be Built. The Story and Testimony of Halford House

The extraordinary story of Halford House is a testimony to the absolute faithfulness of the Lord. In his own words Lance recollects how God used it as a sign of a deep burden on His heart - the building of His House, His Dwelling or Resting Place. The story of how Halford House was discovered is in itself remarkable. The purchase and the finance required for its restoration and renovation, the miraculous way the Lord provided its furniture and furnishings, and the astonishing escape of the workmen from injury and death; only makes the story more amazing.
It was only natural that those who were involved in the story asked the Lord: What was the meaning behind it? Why did He do all this? It is this enquiry, and the answer the Lord gave, which has led to the writing of this book.
The finding of Halford House - its recovery, rebuilding and renovation - was an illustration of what God desires for those whom He has redeemed. It was that desire which lay behind the creation of the universe, of our planet, and of mankind. When man fell, it was this same intense desire of the Lord which led to Calvary and to our redemption. Through the salvation which the Lord Jesus won for us, God's aim is to make us His Eternal Home.
Lance Lambert's prayer and desire is that that the Lord will use the testimony of Halford House's rebuilding and restoration to bring illumination and understanding of God's purpose for the Church. The first six chapters recount the story of its restoration, recovery and the birth of the fellowship. The last six chapters and the epilogue deal with the lessons they learnt.
The title of this book comes from the decree of Cyrus concerning the recovery and rebuilding of the Temple, the House of the Lord in Jerusalem. It is recorded in Ezra 5:15 KJV: "Let the house of God be built"


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Warring the Good Warfare

This book brings together many messages given at different times and in different places on the subject of Spiritual Warfare. In the Old Testament it refers to "war the warfare of the service" (Numbers 4:23 margin). In my estimation the Apostle Paul refers to this in the New Testament when he writes to Timothy that he should "war the good warfare" (1Tim 1:18)

Be ye ready
"Summing Up All Things in Christ". As his part of the ministry, Lance shared on "Being Ready for Christ's Coming." This booklet is the transcription of that ministry with only minimal editing for clarity. It is being printed with the prayer that it can be used to help the Lord's people to prepare for His soon return.

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  Called unto his eternal glory
Lance Lambert focuses on the question of glory and how glory is related to our calling in Christ Jesus. The desire is to see our calling unto glory in Christ by the revelation of the Holy Spirit.

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Explaining spiritual protection
The Explaining Series books have been one of Sovereign World's best sellers, focusing on vital aspects of Christian Faith and Doctrine. This book teaches what the Bible says about Spiritual Protection.

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  God’s eternal purpose
This book practically outlines the eternal Purpose of God in Christ.

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If any man would follow me
If any man come after Me, let him deny himself, take up his cross, and follow Me. Inherent within our very salvation, is a surrender to the authority of God. When He is Lord, we find that He will overcome in us. The question is not how to live the Christian life but how to die.

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  In the day of thy power
In this newly released book, Lance Lambert reviews Psalm 110. The Enthroned Lamb of God, the Messiah and His Coming are detailed in the seven verses of this Psalm as both Prophetic and Messianic.

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